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  1. Plural of pore


  1. third person singular of pore


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Pore may refer to:
In animal biology and microbiology:
  • Sweat pore, an anatomical structure of the skin of humans (and other mammals) used for secretion of sebum
  • Canal pore, an anatomical structure that is part of the lateral line sense system of some aquatic organisms
  • An opening across both inner and outer bacterial membranes, a part of many Gram-negative bacterial secretion systems
  • One of the openings communicating with the skin surface at the terminus of lactiferous ducts in milk-producing mammals
In plant biology
  • Stoma, a small opening on a plant leaf used for gas exchange
  • An anatomical feature of the anther in some plant species, the opening through which pollen is released
  • A characteristic surface feature of porate pollen
In cell & molecular biology:
  • Nuclear pore, a large protein complex that penetrates the nuclear envelope in eukaryotic cells
  • Ion channel pore; The ion-selective opening in the membrane of a eukaryotic cell formed by members of the ion channel family of proteins
  • A water-selective opening (water channel) in the membrane of a eukaryotic cell formed by assemblies of the protein aquaporin
In the physical sciences:
  • One of many small openings in a solid substance of any kind that contribute to the substance's porosity (typical usage in earth sciences, materials science and construction)
  • A small defect in the crystal structure that may arise during sintering to form solids from powders, including ceramics

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